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Meredith W

"Thank you for working with Ana and helping her complete her swimming journey.  Annette, we will be forever GR8ful !"


" Not only did our daughter learn how to save her life in the water she learned the importance of following instructions. Kym was firm with her and show her how to have confidences in herself. I believe she gained several skills that allowed her to start pre school with no problems. Kym was instrumental in the child she is today. Well worth the money! !"

Christy and Bryan

 “Our 3 boys (under age 4) had a wonderful experience with Kym and the ISR program.  It was incredible to see the substantial progress over the course of 6 weeks.  The kids gained a tremendous amount of ability and confidence in the water while having a great time.  Now I can’t get them out of the water!  Thank you Kym” 

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Lesli B

Kym is a great communicator and has great patience with the kids.  My daughter will talk non-stop if you let her, but Kym got her in the pool and listening.  My neighbors have a pool and worried non-stop that our daughter would learn how to use their fence and "break in"  After graduation we took her over to show them her new skills and they were amazed.  They told me they would sleep better at night knowing she could save herself if something happened.  


"I can't say enough good things about ISR and Kym Smith Cragel - she has taken a child that was stuck like glue to her in the water out of fear to a child that knows how to save himself in the water.  I recommend Infant Swimming Rescource to everyone wtih young children."


" We are all sitting around my moms pool and Gracie tried climbing in on the steps...she misjudged and was closer to the 2nd step than the first and fell in.....SHE ROLLED TO HER BACK AND FLOATED!!!!! She didn’t cry or panic (she was definitely scared but she did it!!!) Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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