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Meredith W

"Thank you for working with Ana and helping her complete her swimming journey.  Annette, we will be forever GR8ful !"


" Thank you for giving me the encouragement and confidence to learn so many life-saving skill.  You are truley the best Miss Annette!"

Christy and Bryan

 “Our 3 boys (under age 4) had a wonderful experience with Kym and the ISR program.  It was incredible to see the substantial progress over the course of 6 weeks.  The kids gained a tremendous amount of ability and confidence in the water while having a great time.  Now I can’t get them out of the water!  Thank you Kym” 

More Testimonials


"Annette...Thank you SO much for caring about Bria and Ryan and for encouraging their success.  You have given Cory and I such piece of mind.  Watching Bria develop into a confident swimmer has given my heart such joy.  Ryan (floater) is going to be such a great swimmer because of the skills he has gained at such a young age.  THANK YOU! ....Stacie"


 Wonderful ISR success story!!!! Our vacation house has a pool on the back patio...our kids were “helping” clean up the pool area so we can leave tomorrow and 3 of the kids fell into the pool within a half hr of each other. Zoe reached too far for a toy, Tyler walked backwards and fell in, and Bria slipped in (all falls were witnessed as we were all out there watching them closely) all three IMMEDIATELY floated to the top and floated on their back and waited for an adult to take them out of the pool! They were PRAISED and so proud of themselves for saving their own lives! I’m so proud of them! Zoe even swam to the edge of the pool! Thanks Annette Lazenby for giving them the tools they need to save themselves!! 


" We are all sitting around my moms pool and Gracie tried climbing in on the steps...she misjudged and was closer to the 2nd step than the first and fell in.....SHE ROLLED TO HER BACK AND FLOATED!!!!! She didn’t cry or panic (she was definitely scared but she did it!!!) Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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